Are you fed up of career politicians? Who isn’t! We elect them to office  and never hear from them again. Or worse, they start promoting their  own agendas and stop listening to the people who put them there.  

Just 21% of registered voters in Elizabeth, NJ actually cast ballots in  2020. The statewide average was nearly 66%. Something is terribly  wrong and faith in government is lost.  

There’s only one way to recover that lost faith – pull together and fight.  I’m a fighter. I see things that are wrong and my natural instinct is to fix  them. I want you to join me in fixing our city and our ward. 

I am not a career politician. I’ve lived here with my family for the past 25  years. I’ve helped out on local election campaigns in the past but never  considered running for office – until now.  

I often get asked: Vinnie, why do you want to become a councilman? 

  • I’m a successful businessman.
  • I create jobs.
  • I’ve worked at the grassroots feeding the homeless in Manhattan.
  • Fought for changes in Ward 1.
  • I  am passionate about our ward and representing you. 

The simple answer? Because I care. I know many people have lost hope.  They were hurting before the pandemic hit and even more so now.  They’re just getting by and worry about their family’s future.  

Who Can They Turn To? Me!

Abraham Lincoln was called to public service because he felt a spiritual  need to help heal a troubled nation. At Gettysburg, after so much strife  and death, he noted the need to consecrate the sacrifices of others and to  hold the banner of hope for unity and triumph high. 

We have the same hope now. We’ve triumphed over adversity before and now we need to pull together as a nation, as a city and a ward, and  begin to address the many, many challenges that still weigh us down.  

Crime has been a problem for too long. We need to address this. Vehicle  thefts are way up. Your homes and property aren’t safe. Elizabeth still has the highest crime rate in Union County. Violent gangs are dealing  drugs and stealing IDs.

This is Unacceptable!

Access to quality, affordable health care is another compelling need.  Obamacare helped many of us, but chronic health problems are getting  worse. A 2019 needs assessment found 67% of residents complaining  about untreated mental health issues, as well as lack of access to  screenings for maternal care. This must change. 

The burden is especially hard in Elizabeth because nearly three-quarters  of our residents speak a language other than English at home. There are  cultural and linguistic barriers that lead to ethnic and racial health  disparities in health care. Getting access to loans to finance homes and  business is harder on newcomers, especially if they are not yet citizens. 

Some of the solutions to these problems are simple. On crime – more  lighting and surveillance. Improving public crime prevention education  and a stronger relationship with our friends in law enforcement is also  crucial. Their job is tough – let’s make it easier. 

We can do much to improve access to healthcare starting with better  transportation and more local clinics. We can also close the diversity  gap by demanding local hospitals comply with federal and state law and  hire interpreters and translators for those who need them. 

My website elaborates on my strong policy agenda to improve lives.  

Times are tough, but we must keep hope alive. Lincoln once said:  “United we stand, divided we fall.” Let’s pull together and fight.  

Tell me your concerns. But above all, tell me your hopes and dreams for  you and your children. Then, with renewed vision and determination,  let’s join together to make them come true.  

Vincent De Pasquale